Game Dev Graz at Button 2018

Festival of Gaming Culture, 16. – 27. March 2017 | Seifenfabrik Graz

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Game Dev Days 2018

We are happy to announce Game Dev Days 2018!

August 31 – September 2 2018

Save the date!!

Game Dev Days Graz is a community event for everyone who is interested in game development: connecting industry, indie, academia and research!

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Game Development Graz

Verein zur Förderung der Spielentwicklung und Spielkultur

Indie Game Meetups

An open for everyone gathering of people interested in games & game development.
Connect with each other, discuss game related topics, and present your own games.



Who We Are

We are a group with diverse backgrounds that got together to follow our passion of creating video games. We realized that there are many people who share that common goal, but there was no central place in Styria where we can get to know each other and do cool stuff together. So we decided to create a club that enables us to achieve the goal of establishing a lively and vibrant community. 

What We Want

We want to create an environment for aspiring as well as established game creators to share knowledge, network, collaborate and grow the medium of interactive experiences. We want to establish and grow a community of likeminded people that share the will to push the envelope of what is possible with games.

How to meet us


You are welcome to attend one of our montly meetups or other events to meet us in person. For more details about these we refer you to our Events page.


What We Do
  • Indie Game Meetup: The purpose of these meetups are manifold. Firstly we pursue our goal of knowledge spreading. This is done via talks given by members and selected invited speakers. Secondly we discuss everything related to video games and the culture surrounding them. We also encourage people to share their discoveries of games in the “indie half hour” where everyone gets the chance to present interesting, fun, exciting or otherwise remarkable games. Furthermore we use these to keep each other up to date on our activities. This gives a good incentive to work hard on your projects so you have something to show off to your buddies. 
  • Game Jams: A game-jam is an event that typically lasts 48 hours in which individuals or groups get together and create video games.Typically at the beginning of the event a certain theme is given and then participants come up with ideas for games related to that theme.  



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More information about us


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