Game Jams

Game jams are events with the purpose of designing and creating games within a short span of time, usually ranging between 24 and 72 hours. Often there’s a specific theme given at the beginning of each jam to kickstart the brainstorming of ideas. There might also be other kinds of constraints, like the type of technology used.

While many jams happen in a real world location with all participants in one place, there are also many more jams happening online.

We’ve organized quite a few game jams over the years, usually at a location in Graz.

Global Game Jam Graz

2023 (Poster Art & Design by Phil Gosch)
2022 (Poster Art & Design by Erin List)
2021 (Poster Art & Design by Phil Gosch)
2019 (Poster Art & Design by Phil Gosch)
2018 (Poster Art & Design by Phil Gosch)
2017 (Poster Art & Design by Phil Gosch)

Analog Game Jam with Ludovico

Other Game Jams organized by Game Dev Graz (and Friends)

Hüttenjam 2023

Hüttenjam 2019Photos

Summer Jam 2018

Summer Jam 2016

Other Game Jams in Graz

EYA Game Jam 2017

EYA Game Jam 2016

EYA Game Jam 2015

Where to find more game jams

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