SAGA 2024 Winners

SAGA 2024 Winners

At the recent Button Festival from March 8-9 2024, the 7th edition of the SAGA, the Styrian Game Awards, sponsored by Game Dev Graz and WKO, commenced. See here for more details and the full list of finalists. Also, check out the photos of the entire Button Festival.

Here are this year’s winners! Congratulations to the winners chosen by our jury and the audience!

Grand Prize and Audience Choice Award

VR Giants by Risa Interactive

VR Giants is a local coop VR game in which one VR player and one gamepad player work together. The VR player controls a giant and must protect and support the tiny player who is controlled by the screen player. The tiny player can use the body of the giant as an extension of the level.

Local Star Award

Sisypush by Centi Games

Sisypush is a 1-bit puzzle game inspired by Sokoban games. Push rocks and other objects to clear the path to the final goal in each level! Play as Sisyphus from Ancient Greek mythology, who got punished to push a rock for eternity in the underworld after having cheated Death twice. While this game does not go on for eternity, you can play over 70 different levels with varying difficulties, each level having the goal of pushing the white rock into the goal tile.