We’re proud to announce that this year the 7th edition of our StyriAn Games AwardsSAGA – with a total value of 1.500 € will be awarded!

Have a look at the previous years: 2023, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Here are the details:

** Grand Prize **
* Local Star Award powered by Fachgruppe UBIT Steiermark *
* Audience Choice Award *

The StyriAn Games AwardsSAGA – give local indie game developers the opportunity to present their games and be rewarded. From all submissions, there will be six named finalists selected by a jury, that will be presenting their games at this years button Festival.


February 18, Submission Deadline
March 09, Award Ceremony @ button Festival


  • 2DKiri | Austria | Twitch-Streamerin
  • Alexey Izvalov | Ukraine | Airapport and Global Game Jam Ukraine
  • jessirocks | Austria | Twitch-Stream
  • Yvonne “MissMadHat” Scheer | Austria | ESVÖ vice president
  • Nadine Denk | Austria | University of Krems
  • Marlies Burnnhofer | Austria | esports pro & psychologist

Get to know the finalists!

Adulting is an interactive visual novel tackling the topic of the perception of being an adult in society. It is a third person side scroller and a single player. ​​It is an experience focusing heavily on storytelling and mini games which evoke a specific emotion. It’s narrative focused and tells its story through exploration, mini games and community integration. Additionally to clickable storytelling interactions the player can also write messages and send them to other players to share how they feel and get comfort. The story focuses on three characters, each with 3 acts of the story whereas the storylines are linear. Set in different apartments it should give the player a closer look into the lives of the three main characters. Adulting’s unique style combines two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional art to to reflect the look and feel of comics and graphic novels. The goal is to embed the feeling of insecurity that accompanies the term »being an adult« in the form of a visual, interactive story and to enable the recipients to deal with this topic individually but also socially.

Ploppy Pairs is a fun card matching game for everyone! What makes Ploppy Pairs special is it’s VoiceOver and SharePlay support. VoiceOver makes the game accessible, so it’s also playable for blind people. SharePlay lets you play with friends and family together via FaceTime and makes you feel as if you are all in the same place. There are various theme-based levels with difficulties from 4 up to 70 cards, which makes the game a great fun way to train the memory skills for all ages! Each level unlocks a new skin by reaching the best score possible. The score is dependent of the amount of needed turns.

Sisypush is a 1-bit puzzle game inspired by Sokoban games. Push rocks and other objects to clear the path to the final goal in each level!

Play as Sisyphus from Ancient Greek mythology, who got punished to push a rock for eternity in the underworld after having cheated Death twice. While this game does not go on for eternity, you can play over 70 different levels with varying difficulties, each level having the goal of pushing the white rock into the goal tile.

Contrary to many other Sokoban games, the objective in every Sisypush level is to bring just one special rock to the target tile. Additional mechanics such as larger rocks, rivers, or ice will present a challenge in many levels.

The game also has many accessibility features, such as remappable controls, audio settings, and text-to-speech support, enabling even completely blind people to play the game.

VR Giants is a local coop VR game in which one VR player and one gamepad player work together. The VR player controls a giant and must protect and support the tiny player who is controlled by the screen player. The tiny player can use the body of the giant as an extension of the level.

“FireWorks Inc.” is a 2D action puzzle game about capitalism and climate change. You take on the role of a firefighter in the near future, where the world has reached the point of no return due to climate change. Fires break out regularly, and you – playing as a member of FireWorks Inc. – want to make a profit from that.

In order to earn money, you must take on missions, move furniture, extinguish fires, and rescue people in 2D grid-based rooms. But how do you rescue people? You throw them out of whichever window is nearest. Your quick thinking influences how many people you can save in the little time that you have – and with that, how much money you’ll earn.

And then, at the end of the week, it’s time to pay your ever-increasing rent – so try your best to make the required amount of money, or die trying.

Slopecrashers is where epic arcade snowboarding meets wild animal antics in a globe-trotting adventure to snag the title of supreme snowboarder! But watch out, shredders – there’s a mysterious baddie trying to throw a wrench in your rad plans.
Grab your friends and barrel down the slopes together: Do stunts & combos to earn boost and use items to gain the upper hand against the competition.

  • High-Octane Races: Rally your crew for some high-speed, white-knuckle races. Dive into a world where arcade snowboarding means busting out stellar stunts, chaining combos, and boosting big air.
  • Strategic Combat: Use combat items and tools like gliders and grappling hooks to outplay the competition and carve your way to victory on the slopes.
  • Diverse Characters: Choose from a wild lineup of fully customizable animal characters – from a rad chicken to a crafty capybara, a slick lemur, a chill penguin, and more!
  • Versatile Play Options: Ride solo, tearing it up in local co-op (1-4 players), or battling it out in online multiplayer (up to 8 players).
  • Dynamic Environments: Shred across a variety of epic landscapes – from powdery mountain peaks to rooftop stuntshows, sun-kissed tropical island slaloms, and scorching desert boss battles!