Game Dev Meetup

Once a month Game Dev Graz is hosting an in person Game Dev Meetup, an open for everyone gathering of people interested in games & game development.

These meetups are a place to connect with each other, discuss game related topics, and present your own games and prototypes, for playtesting and feedback.

If you want to see the upcoming schedule and meetup location, or have a look at past meetups, we have a Google Sheet with pretty much all that in one place. You can also subscribe to our calendar to never miss another meetup!

We kick things off with the Indie Half Hour, a 1/2 hour segment where you can share your discoveries of interesting, fun, exciting or otherwise remarkable games. This gives everyone some time to warm up and settle in, including late arrivals. If you’ve always wanted to share a favorite game of yours or a little gem you just found, this is the opportunity to do so.

After that it’s time for some show & tell! Bring your own game, show it off, and get feedback from others. Whether it’s a concept, prototype, or a fully fledged title, it’s worth sharing.

Also very welcome are talks and presentations on games and the matter.

In the past, the meetup often took place at Spektral, Lendkai 45 / A-8020 Graz, and if that didn’t work out, our friends at the Rarebyte-Office Graz, Wickenburggasse 32/ A-8010 Graz were there to help out.

Attendance is free, no need to register!

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